Take Your Marks! Bang!


Doubt, procrastination, over thinking. They really are the best recipes to hold one back. Until two days ago i spout my thought on Facebook, “I’ve been thinking of starting my own blog. Is it hard to do?” because i really didn’t have the slightest idea of how to write a blog. So i just typed the question without addressing it to somebody. Surprisingly i got feedback. Good ones too. Thanks Bobby, Kristian, Klinsman, Decy. They say that it is very easy to start a blog.


Even so it still took me two days before i started it. Finding a name for my blog and topics to write were the reasons for delay. Well for the name i finally chose Hendrick Siagian just so they know that a “Lae” is in the hood. 🙂 For topics i haven’t set my mind but i think the best thing to do now is just jump. The gun has been fired and i really want to win this race against myself.


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